Our Work : Eli Lilly - RANZCP CD-ROM


This CD-ROM was designed to educate psychiatrists about to take an oral examination for admission as fellows of the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

The CD-ROM contains information and advice from leaders in the psychiatric field as well as information on the latest treatments for psychiatric disorders. The commissioning body was Eli Lilly Australia, one of the world's leaders in the manufacture of prescription medications with a particular emphasis in neuroscience.

The CD-ROM contains 3 different presentation sets, each with:

- a short biographical history of the presenter.
- A series of videos explaining the components of the exam process and methods of treatment both by outlining specific drugs and chemicals and also through proper care and monitoring of patients' symptoms.
These videos can be played full screen or in a smaller area with additional text information on the side.
- A list of references of books and websites containing more information about each topic.

Screenshot of the Eli Lilly RANZCP CD-ROM

Video content for this CD-ROM was produced by Bearcage Productions