Our Work : Streets Magnum - 7 Deadly Sins CD-ROM


This CD-ROM was produced for Unilever and distributed globally to every brand and marketing manager in a Unilever branded ice cream company.

It was commissioned to show the brand and marketing managers how to bolster ice cream sales world wide in a declining market.

This CD-ROM was also part of the presentation that won 1st prize in the global Unilever annual marketing competition for 2001.

The CD-ROM contains:

- Short introduction video upon inserting the CD-ROM followed by an introductory letter by the group brand manager of Magnum.
- A 17 minute documentary featuring the managers and development team explaining their roles and contribution to the huge success of the 7 Deadly Sins ice cream range.
- Product videos of each of the 7 ice creams.
- A collection of television and radio commercials for each ice cream.
- Stills of the print advertising of the ice creams.
- Stills of the 7 Deadly Sins T-shirts.
- Stills of advertising signs above Streets ice cream boxes and example layouts of how the ice creams are positioned in the boxes in order to boost sales of Magnum without harming the sales of other Streets ice creams.

Screenshot of the Magnum 7 Deadly Sins CD-ROM

Video content for this CD-ROM was produced by Images Unlimited