Blade Interactive specialises in cross-platform CD-ROM and touch screen multimedia. We enjoy pushing the medium and new interactive technology to its limits, but can still deliver amazing and innovative multimedia on older systems.

We are a full service multimedia company and can assist you as early as the conceptual phase of a project, advising on directions to turn your ideas into a full concept. We will take a project from the conceptual phase through the storyboard, planning and prototyping, up to production, duplication and delivery of the final product.

Blade Interactive also produces professional music for multimedia, television and film. Original music tailored to your project can be composed and output in a format suitable for any delivery medium.

We take pride in delivering a professional and technically excellent product yet with a uniquely human feel that makes our products easy to use. Our approach to high quality multimedia goes much further than just building a great product. Our quality of service, skill, reliability and fair pricing makes us the ideal choice for any multimedia production you may require.

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