Blade Interactive provides a wide range of digital multimedia services.

Information / promo packages Interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs are popular for promotional packages. The disc can contain the entire marketing campaign, combining the written information, video advertising and even interactive demonstrations of how the product/service operates. These CDs can be mailed out cheaply and easily and replace a lot of paper advertising that can be easily thrown away.
Presentations Go beyond the standard slideshow and have a dynamic presentation that will totally sell your idea.
We can even help you set up your equipment if you are presenting your product at a live demonstration or seminar.
Training Interactive training materials are extremely popular and are proving to be more effective than plain written material. Blade Interactive can create training materials for all areas, from simple student educational materials right up to large corporate training information on a distributed network.
Annual reports Storing your annual report and other important documents on CD-ROM allows you to dramatically increase the document's effectiveness with the inclusion of images, sound and video.
The CD-ROM format also has the added advantages of providing fast and accurate search functionality for the document and allowing printing on demand
Games Fun games are a great way to increase the exposure of your product/demonstration. People are likely to pass the information around simply to share the game, in turn sharing the rest of the information contained on the CD. We can even make the games relate directly to your product/service/campaign.
GIS Blade Interactive creates Geographic Information Systems with a very human feel. We create GIS applications with the power and accuracy of global mapping software but with a friendly and responsive interface that allows people of any skill level to use the power of GIS.
Children's software Whether you need serious educational material or just some simple and fun games, Blade Interactive can create children's software to suit any type of young audience.
Enhanced music CDs Increase the appeal of your album or single by including bonus video clips and band information on your audio CD. With Enhanced Music CDs Blade Interactive can add any amount of additional material to your audio CD, which can be played back when the CD is inserted into a computer CD-ROM drive
Prototypes If you need to demonstrate the potential and abilities of a large project but are far from having a working model, Blade Interactive can quickly make an emulated version that can be presented for prototype, proofing and demonstration purposes.